Everyone, meet Annie!


I am thrilled to announce our newest Hilarious Hound team member, Annie! When I first met Annie I immediately knew she was going to be a great fit for us. A true dog lover without proof, as she says. You see Annie always wanted a pet growing up, a dog specifically. But every time she pleaded with her parents, ‘Can we PLEASE get a dog?’ she wound up with a goldfish instead.


Annie is now making up for lost time as she snuggles and receives kisses from our Hilarious Hound dogs. Last week we were volunteering at the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter where I often photograph slobbery faced and wiggling butt pities. I warned Annie that we might be working with some big dogs, this girl showed no concern. The bigger the dog the more she loves it!


As a recent graduate of Berkeley, Annie hopes to dive deeper into the photo and video department and learn any and everything she can. You can check out her work at @veni_versum.


Come meet Annie and me at a shoot of your own! Contact us to set up your consultation!




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