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Art Should Live On Your Walls

Yesterday I accomplished a small task that has taken me months to do. Can I blame life for getting in the way, maybe? Or was I simply lazy, that’s possible too. Either way, I know I am not alone. In the Spring of 2018, my husband and I took our very first Europe trip....

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Congratulations to Home Dog Co | Official Launch

A huge Congratulations to Home Dog Co!   Over the past few months, Hilarious Hound has been working behind the scenes with Home Dog Co in preparation for their big launch. When Season, Home Dog Co’s founder, first contacted me, she said, “I have been following...

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July’s Feature Rescue Pups

If you have spent time gambling, you may know these two cuties; formerly known as The Big One and The Small One. We don’t know their full story but from what we were able to piece together, these two fur-friends have quite a story. The Big One and The Small One spent...

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4 Bay Area Dog Events that aren’t Corgi Con

Corgi Con might be one of the most hyped dog events in the Bay Area, but it isn’t the only one out there for dog lovers! If you’re looking for some fun with pups, I’ve sniffed out 4 other dog events happening in the Bay Area throughout this summer, and I even included...

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Sunset Pet Photography | Pepper

Say Hello to Pepper! Pepper and her mom, Kylie, know how to enjoy life together! From enjoying long walks around San Francisco, to romping the beach at Fort Funston, and training on agility courses these two do it all - and have a refrigerator full of awards to prove...

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Palace of Fine Arts | Rocket

Have you ever met a dog that has antennas for ears? I can now say I have. Meet Rocket!   I had a blast working with Rocket and her father, Nick. And I couldn’t get enough of her oversized ears! This is a story of his a dog changed a man’s life. Nick was experiencing...

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5 Reasons to Get Professional Photos for Your Dog!

Pet owners love taking photos of their pets! We can’t help it, we gotta pull out our cell phones when our dogs make an adorable face, when they prance at the park, or when they nap in the sunny spot on the carpet. We want to capture these small, everyday moments of...

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Meet Annie | Hilarious Hound’s Newest Team Member

Everyone, meet Annie!   I am thrilled to announce our newest Hilarious Hound team member, Annie! When I first met Annie I immediately knew she was going to be a great fit for us. A true dog lover without proof, as she says. You see Annie always wanted a pet...

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