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San Francisco Dog Walking Etiquette

San Francisco Dog Walking Etiquette – What to do and what not to do!   Being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibility, and a big part of that is having the proper dog walking etiquette. As a dog owner, it is your soul responsibility to keep yourself, your...

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Hilarious Hound – your go to Bay Area Pet Photographer.

DAY 7 – NATIONAL PET PROFESSIONALS WEEK — Hilarious Hound your premier Bay Area Pet Photographer. It’s the final day of National Pet Professionals Week and it’s time to share how Hilarious Hound got started. I grew up having a dog around the house and loved animals of...

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Paw Patch Pastries makes your pups Barkday special!

DAY 6 – NATIONAL PET PROFESSIONALS WEEK — Paw Patch Pastries, specializing in custom ‘barkday’ cakes for your beloved four-legged companions.   When Carla’s German Shepherd, Geo, was diagnosed with cancer at only 3 years old, she was heart broken, but Carla...

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No Problem! Dog Training, your go-to East Bay dog trainer!

DAY 5 – NATIONAL PET PROFESSIONALS WEEK — Have a pup that needs training? No problem! That is, check out ‘No Problem! Dog Training’, your go-to East Bay dog trainer!   Today’s featured Pet Professional is Kristina from ‘No Problem! Dog Training’. Going into...

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Bay Area Happy hounds get treated to a massage!

DAY 4 – NATIONAL PET PROFESSIONALS WEEK — Bay Area Happy hounds get treated with a massage!   Yes, their ears flop in the wind, and they’re covered in fur; and yes, we have feet and hands to their adorable little paws, but canine and human bodies function in many...

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Kaykos Dog Shades, smiles back guaranteed!

DAY 3 – NATIONAL PET PROFESSIONALS WEEK — Kaykos Dog Shades, smiles back guaranteed!   What do you get when you have a pitbull and a pair of sunglasses? Only the cutest pitbull out there, of course! One day, Kayko the pitbull went on a hike with his humans, when...

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Sniff San Francisco where the dogs walk the humans!

Day 2 - National Pet Professionals Week -- Sniff San Francisco where the dogs walk the humans!   When you prefer taking your dog to the park rather than going to work, some may not think to make a career out of it...but that’s exactly what Jim and Benny did, and...

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Bay Area dogs are begging for NomNomNow!

Day 1 - National Pet Professionals Week -- NomNomNow, Bay Area dogs are begging for more!   It’s no secret that we humans feel better when we eat healthier. So it makes sense that your dog would too, right? Over the past few years, pet owners have reported...

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San Francisco’s Best Locations for Pet Photography

One of the things I love about living in the Bay Area is its endless beauty! From rolling hills with spectacular views to beaches and glowing sunsets, and of course the famous Golden Gate Bridge. With so many options how do you choose the best location for your dog’s...

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