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LiLou The Pig | San Francisco Pet Photography

LiLou the Pig! That’s right, we got to add our first piggy to the Hilarious Hound -- or is it Hilarious Hog? -- family! At only three years old, this little piggy is quite accomplished! LiLou is a Certified Therapy Animal through the SF SPCA. She’s the first therapy...

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San Francisco’s only dog-friendly Photo booth!

San Francisco’s only dog-friendly photo booth is back! The idea of the first photo booth was patented in 1888, but rumor has it that it was just an idea and didn’t get built until a year later when it debuted at the World Fair in Paris. The photo booth regained...

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Fitness With Your Pup

I have a question for you, as the New Year rang in, did you set fitness goals for yourself? Did you happen to include your pup in them?   Well, here we are only three weeks into 2018 and if you followed my path and already flopped on your goals, then I hope this...

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Your Guide to Hiring the Right Pet Photographer

So, you're thinking about hiring a professional Pet Photographer? In the Bay Area alone, Pet Photographers span pages across Google, but how do you know who is the right photographer for you? Don't tuck your tail and hide; here I've assembled a guide to help you hire...

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Two Bulldogs Take Over Lagoon Valley

Two Bulldogs Take Over Lagoon Valley! Fudge & Kahlua - sounds like the perfect brownie recipe, right? Except today, we have the perfect recipe for to two Bulldogs!! I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Fudge last summer at the Berkeley Humane Bark...

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Wilma’s doggie birthday party at Hapa’s Brewing

Yabba Dabba Doo - Wilma turned one!   I love birthdays, but especially dog birthdays or as we call the BARKdays! The perfect excuse to gather your friends and hang out with some fluffy, four-legged canines!! A few weeks ago Wilma, a beautiful yet spunky...

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