San Francisco Dog Walking Etiquette – What to do and what not to do!


Being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibility, and a big part of that is having the proper dog walking etiquette. As a dog owner, it is your soul responsibility to keep yourself, your pet(s) and those around you safe. To do so, here are some basic DO and Don’ts to help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable walk.

DO pick up after your dog! It may not be the law but it’s the curiosities thing to do. No one likes to have his or her day ruined from stepping in poo!

DON’T allow your dog to romp through someone else’s garden to their business. This is obviously harmful to the plants but it’s important to remember that some plants are also harmful to your pup.

DO restrict meet and greets with other dogs and humans. It’s import, as a dog owner, that you remain in control on your walks; this means that your dog doesn’t get to say ‘hello’ to everyone you encounter. Meet and greets should be 2-3 seconds and only at your discretion.

DON’T walk up to other dogs with out asking first! You can’t predict how that dog will react to you or your children. Some dogs are shy and scared of new people, while others may be protective of their owners. To avoid an incident remember to always ask before you pet!

DO Always leash your dog. For starters, it is the law! If you are not in a designated off leash area, for everyone safety it is essential that your pet remains on leash. You may be in control of your dog but you can not control the environment around you.

DO share the sidewalk. Especially in urban environments like San Francisco, share the sidewalks. Keep your pup on a short lead and close to your side to avoid tripping your fellow walkers.

That’s all for our DO and Don’ts, for more please check out our #trainertuesdays video on walking etiquette. Kristina from No Problem! Dog Training and I dig in a little deeper to ensuring you and pup have a safe and enjoyable walk.

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