Being a pet photographer in San Francisco is fantastic with the endless views and sunsets to take advantage of. But no matter where I am shooting across the bay area I always need my pet photography essentials!

My equipment – this one may be a no-brainer because you can’t take a photograph without a camera. But my all-time favorite piece of equipment is my 90-degree angle viewfinder. This handy little adaptor has saved me from majorly contorting my body to get the shot.


Treats and toys! – For the food motivated pups, a variety of treats is essential. And for those ball-lovers, having a ball on hand is necessary. I like to use treats that don’t leave my hands sticky and that I can easily break into smaller pieces. Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats are perfect for this, and the dogs just loved them!


My Treat pouch – this is my favorite item on the list, and I recommend it to everyone! When it comes to training or working with dogs, the Petsafe Treat Pouch has been sent down from the heavens! It has this secure open and close hinge that is perfect for those nose sniffers that wiggle their snouts into everything. But without thumbs, it’s virtually impossible to open. It has an outside pocket for your keys or phone and a key ring to keep your clicker or whistle within easy reach. The best part… it’s under $15!!


Knee Pads – It didn’t take long before I learned this one the hard way. When photographing dogs, I am down on their level, either on my knees or belly down army-crawling around. A small investment in some great knee pads has saved me soar kneecaps.


Warm clothes – This one was a bit a learning lesson for me. Coming from New York City, it was easy to predict the weather and how to dress for it. But photographing in San Francisco has brought upon a few weather feats. From microclimates to Karl the Fog, and did I mention the wind, needless to say, I have learned my lesson to bring layers to every session!


I genuinely love being a Pet Photographer in San Francisco, and it would be a treat to photograph your pup! Send us a message or schedule your complimentary photo consultation!

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