Spring is officially here, and it’s time to trade in those soaked raincoats for a new spring bomber jacket. Open your windows for fresh air and enjoy the beautiful sounds of chirping birds, and enjoy the longer days with a stroll along Crissy Beach (with your dog, of course)! Overall there is no denying that Spring is the best time of year, but here is why we believe springtime is the best time for dog photography.

The Golden Glow. Not only does the springtime sun feel good for our souls but it looks good too. Although many photographers enjoy the deeper winter shadows created from a lower hanging sun, when it comes to dogs, we personally prefer shorter summer shadows. And let’s not forget about the warmth from the sun too!

Longer days and shorter nights, who doesn’t love those? With the sun setting later and later, we get to shoot more and more. With longer days we can now offer our sunset sessions during the week again! Yeah!!

In case you didn’t notice we LOVE color at Hilarious Hound, and spring certainly means new colors. The hillsides have a fresh new green pop to them, the trees have new flourishing life, and the blooming flowers give the Bay Area views a new beautiful look!

So what do you say, are you ready to join me in soaking in some springtime rays, longer days and blooming flowers for your pups very own photo shoot?

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