Welcome to International Pooper Scooper Week. Yes, you read that correctly there is a whole week dedicated to scooping your dog’s poop!

In 2002 The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (ePaws) saw a growing problem in local communities and jumped in with establishing International Pooper Scooper Week to educate dog owners about the importance of scoping your dog’s poop!

I promise you this is no April fools prank – dog waste is not a joke!

In the United States alone dogs are producing an estimated 21.2 BILLION POUNDS OF POOP each year! That’s a crap-load of waste!!! But the amount of poo isn’t the real problem here. Dog poop is full of bacteria, believed to be caused by the nutrient-rich bagged food that we are feeding them. These bacterias, and not to mention parasites like whipworm, parvo, and giardia are populating our water. Yuck!!

What Can We Do About It?

The obvious answer would be to scoop (and bag) your dog’s poop, but it’s not quite that simple. Many dog owners have made the conscious decision to switch to biodegradable poop bags thinking the bag will break down or compost in a reasonable amount of time. Well, not all poop bags degrade quickly or safely according to the ASTM International standards.

Disposing of these supposed biodegradable bags?

Your poop bag claims that it is compostable, so, one’s natural decision would be to match that green bag to the green compost bin. But, not so fast. Yes, that bag holding Fido’s lunch may indeed be compostable in a commercial or municipal facility; however, these facilities do not allow pet waste.

If compost facilities won’t accept Fido’s lunch, then to the trash bin it is. But guess what, that green bag that you use to delicately cover your hand may never decompose in the landfill.

The Eco-Friendly way to dispose of Fido’s Poo

If the trash and compost bins aren’t the best methods of waste disposal then what is?

Here are four of the most eco-friendly ways to properly dispose of Fido’s poo.

1. Toss it in a dog-waste only composting bin like the Doggy Dooley or build your own.

2. Depending on your municipal’s sewage guidelines you may be able to flush Fido’s poo.

3. If you live in a rural area, properly bury the poo at least 5 inches underground, and away from vegetation and any water source.

4. Hire a waste removal company like Poop 911 or Poop Patrol

This sounds all good and dandy, but if you are a city dweller like myself, these options are just not practical. If bagging and tossing it is the most realistic option for you, consider the following bags, when disposed of properly they meet the ASTM International standards.


BioBag Pet Waste Bags

Flush Puppies Doodie Bags

BioDOGradable bags

The bottom line is that dog waste is causing a problem to our environment with a less than ideal solution for urban residence. But the worst thing that you can do is to leave the poop behind. Always scoop your dog’s poop, so your neighbors don’t have to send poop patrol!

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