Why Pet Photography


If anyone can understand the love that you have for your dog, it’s me. I 100% get it!


The smile that they bring to our lives each and every day!


The endless love that they give!


And the pure joy and companionship that comes with being a pet owner!


It’s enough to make anyone’s heart melt. Mine did two years ago when I met this shy and curious little brindle pup for the first time. I melted — and I fell IN LOVE!! We named her Mini and she became my best friend, my companion, my love (second to my husband, of course!) and my muse.

I photograph dogs because it makes my heart sing! And I want every dog owner to cherish the love, laughter and joy that they bring to your life. I encourage you to celebrate your pup’s story with a special experience — celebrate with photography!

This is my girl – Mini!

Document puppyhood and birthdays, and tell this chapter in your dog’s life before it’s too late. Create timeless, hilarious and beautiful memories of this special member of your family!

And I promise you this, having professional photography of your dog is something you’ll never regret.

Pet Photography is an emotional investment and it can be overwhelming to find the right photographer, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


Your Pet Photography Guide
Rest assured, I gathered several articles to help ease those concerns, including a guide to finding the right photographer for you!


The Common Hesitation Every Dog Mom Has When it Comes to Pet Photography
That’s right, you are not alone. Every dog mom has the same hesitation when it comes to getting their pup photographed. Click above to learn how I conquered this fear.

5 Reasons to Hire A Professional Pet Photographer
No matter what Apple’s breathtaking (and misleading) billboard ads may say, your phone will never compete with a professional. Click to find out why a pro is the right choice.

Your Guide to Hiring the Right Pet Photographer
In the Bay Area alone, Pet Photographers cover the pages across Google. But how do you know who is the right fit for you? Click above to learn more.

Our Top Bay Area Locations Perfect for Dog Portraits
The Bay Area if filled with endless beauty, but I have a few great locations that make the perfect backdrop for your dog’s portrait. Click to see our favorite locations.

What Does A Hilarious Hound Pet Photography Session Look Like?
Click to learn more about our Hilarious Hound Experience, along with a full gallery from two of my favorite Frenchies.

Why Pet Photography Matters, from Wildlife Photographer, Author and Lecturer, Scott Bourne
“His entire purpose in life was to love me and my family. He was happiest when he was close to me.” Click to read Scott’s heartwarming and touching story of his childhood dog, Sarge.


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