Yesterday I accomplished a small task that has taken me months to do. Can I blame life for getting in the way, maybe? Or was I simply lazy, that’s possible too. Either way, I know I am not alone.

In the Spring of 2018, my husband and I took our very first Europe trip. Yes, it took us 30+ years to venture out of the US boundaries. Needless to say, we were excited about this adventure.

Our first stop was Amsterdam, then Berlin and we finished the trip in the absolutely stunning Croatia. My husband and I aren’t the collector types, so we kept our shopping to a minimum. But somethings you just can’t pass up!

It’s our third day in Berlin and we’re exploring a local farmer’s market where I stumble across a local artists table. His table was covered in adorable hand-drawn animals which all carried a message of their own. I wanted to them all, but there was one that I couldn’t live without.

I happily handed the gentleman my money in exchange for a small 4x6 greeting card, but I had a different vision for these bunnies. I wanted to add a thick and heavyweight mat to this small piece of art and finish it off in a beautiful white frame.

Well, yesterday was the day that we F I N A L L Y hung this momentum on our wall!!

It took us seven months – SEVEN MONTHS just to hang a small piece of art. Raise your hand if you have #beentheredonethat. I could have been enjoying this art on my walls for the past seven months if this Berlin artist offered framing services, but I get it, it wasn’t his MO.

So, instead, this tiny greeting card floated from dresser to nightstand, until we finally got in gear to complete my vision. We took several trips back forth to Michael’s for a custom cut matt. And waited for the frame that we really wanted to come back in stoke.

Art is meant to be on the walls, not collecting dust on dressers or taking up space on computers. So, I want to take a quick moment to remind that when you create custom art of your pup with Hilarious Hound, life doesn’t get in the way because we take care of it for you. We walk you step-by-step through the process and never leave you with unfinished art or digitals that you have to print your self.

So, if are with me, let’s clink our glasses to hanging art on your walls!  

Hey there! My name is Michelle – the photographer behind the camera. Do you have a question about Hilarious Hound? Click the button below and ask away!

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