I consider myself to be very lucky when I get the opportunity to photograph incredibly beautiful and handsome dogs. And today was one of those days. I partnered with the Berkeley Humane Society of Berkeley, CA to photograph some promotional images for our dog-friendly Photo Booth which will be at their Bark (and Meow) Around the Block event on Saturday, July 23rd. And I can’t say enough great things about every single dog (and cat) that I met today. People ask me all the time how I don’t end up brining home every dog…and today I almost did. Little Jodi Hernandez! The moment I met her, she had this incredibly adorable shy but curious persona about her. As we dressed her up for her photo-op, she would pose for one frame then hide in the handler’s lap for the next. After a few tries she had enough of our game and was ready to play on her own. She started dancing, jumping and frolicking around the room and stopping to grab props on her own. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing and I immediately fell in love!

I invite you all to come to Bark (and Meow) Around the Block and meet Jodi for yourself. Her friends Bob, Cecile, Butterfly and many more will be there too. Some of these pups will tug at your heartstrings, but I can promise you will have a great time. Looking forward to meeting you!!

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